Facebook Gaming launches game in the cloud: streaming mobile games from Android and web

The throne of streaming gaming platforms has a new contender: Facebook Gaming has opened its catalog to the first games available. Currently, it allows you to enjoy titles such as Asphalt 9: Legends or PGA TOUR Golf Shootout, all without the need to install anything since the software is executed in the Facebook cloud. Instantaneous and installation-free games are nothing […]

Two different approaches

That said, the approach of both services is still interesting. Google Stadia, at least for now, requires paying a subscription to play, in addition to the game , which you can only play on Google Stadia. NVIDIA GeForce Now, meanwhile, has a free service with a limitation: one hour of gameplay. That, for long sessions, can be inconvenient, since you […]

We have tested NVIDIA GeForce Now and Google Stadia: these are your assets to conquer the game in streaming

It has been done to pray, but NVIDIA GeForce Now, which has been in beta since 2013, has grown and is finally available to everyone. NVIDIA’s new video game streaming service comes with a slightly different approach than what we might consider its most direct rival, Google Stadia, so to see how each of them performs and what it offers […]

Let’s talk about quality

In general, on a personal basis, I am against using ‘Destiny 2’ as a sample to measure Stadia’s performance, since it is a game whose resolution and quality is reduced as standard. However, this time it is worth it, since we are running the same game on two different platforms and, in addition, in both cases it is free to […]

Step by Step

There are developers and a multitude of titles to choose from, and the platform being easily accessible, it is necessary to ask what happens so that the traditional player is not attracted to these game systems. For me, before this week, the reasons have to do with the target audience, the expectations of traditional players, and the lack of experience […]

The pieces of success

Another important factor in the positivity of my experience during my gaming week has been the current hardware of the modern Smartphone; which I think combats relatively effectively some problems that I attributed to the platform in one of my earlier written reflections on the platform. Seeing launches of the same series of Smartphones from one year to the next […]

Service models designed for gamers

The multiplayer game, the adaptations of functional titles on the platform, and the competitive or semi-competitive experiences have served the Smartphone to gain a gap between certain sectors; but to appeal directly to the traditional player, experiences closer to the production levels of other systems are needed. Within the Smartphone we have been able to see this, mainly, through indie […]