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Trademark And Trade Secret Infringement

Any unauthorized use of a trademark leads to penalties. Prevent your trademark from being infringed. Our expert lawyers would take you through all the procedures.

Media and Entertainment laws

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Data Protection

In the current scenario, data protection laws are in place to protect the privacy of the users.

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Privacy Laws

It is illegal to infringe upon someone’s privacy. Take legal counsel from us about it.

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Copyright Issues

Stealing intellectual property can lead to harsh consequences. Learn more about it with us.

Defamation Law

Civil Defamation

Civil defamation leads to loss of reputation, sometimes irreversible.

Criminal Defamation

Criminal defamation is all about false publicity that might hurt the reputation of the affected person in the long run.

Landmark Judgements

Find out more about the various landmark judgments that have shaped our law and order.

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Legal Elements Of Libel And Slander

There are various elements to legal slander that are done with malice in mind.



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A Quick Guide to Libel Law

Learn more about libel law, which is different from slander.

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