Destiny 2 guide: how to get Baleful Effigy

Destiny 2 guide: how to get Baleful Effigy

In this guide of Destiny 2 trials of osiris boost we are going to give you all the steps to follow to get Efigie Funesta. This is an exceptional rarity tracking rifle that incorporates a common intrinsic feature called Transmutation. Thanks to it, the final blows with this weapon transform enemies into spheres of transmutation of vacuum energy.

What really makes it different from any other weapon is not only that, but that these spheres can be collected by you or any other player to use them as a weapon both in light attack and causing an explosion in heavy attack, which generates new dynamics when facing enemies.

Let’s see what the steps are to get Efigie Funesta:

  • Go to the Prismatic Reconfigurator where El NĂ³mada is, in The Tower, and it will give you the adventure step Means to an end.
  • Now it’s your turn to complete the Contact event. You can do it in Io or in Titan, wherever it is active. It has no more mystery.
  • Once you have completed the previous step you must collect Threshold traces in Augmentation Protocol, Gambit, Supreme Gambit or in The Decision. Choose the activity that you like most and start to riddle bugs to fill the bar of percentage of Threshold Traces collected, although it should be noted that in Protocol of Increase progress is slower than in the rest. Performing final hits with skill, as well as defeating bosses, grants additional progress.
  • The next step will make you go all the way to Io to complete the Interference mission, just like that. At the end of it you will see a long conversation between Eris Morn and Zavala.
  • The next step will ask you to fulfill two different objectives. On one hand you will have to collect 25 fragments of Calcified Light on Io, Titan, Mars and Mercury using the navigation mode of the spectrum, and on the other hand you will have to defeat 15 puppets of Savathun on Io and Titan. For the Calcified Light fragments, there are 10 on Io (in the zones of The Rupture, Lost Oasis and Giant’s Scar), 5 on Titan (in the Mermaid’s Lookout and the Platform), 5 on Mars (in Glacial Drift and Braytech Futurovision) and 5 on Mercury. Just use your spectrum to mark the location of each of these fragments on the screen with the typical white rhombus. On the other hand, Savathun’s puppets are actually unstoppable champions. You can easily find them on Io and Titan, either on the map or directly by doing the Contact event. Titan is the most comfortable and fastest option due to its reduced dimensions.
  • The last step will ask you for three objectives: to defeat enemies with void damage, to chain multiple casualties of precision and to complete games of Gambit or The Decision. The progress of each one of those objectives goes to percentage, not to a concrete number, but the good thing is that you can progress in all three at the same time. You put on a good vacuum gun, go to the activity you like best of those two and come, chain precision casualties.
  • Once you have completed the previous step you will have finished the adventure and you will receive a yellow engram that you must decrypt in the Threshold Decoder next to The Nomad in The Tower. And that’s it, when you decrypt it you will receive Efigie Funesta.

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