I am a PC gamer, I have spent a week playing only on mobile and I liked it more than I expected

I am a PC gamer, I have spent a week playing only on mobile and I liked it more than I expected

We all have a small console in our pocket at all times; we just have to give it a try and look at it. The Smartphone is a gaming platform that has changed and evolved a lot in recent years, but is it capable of attracting the traditional player like me? I have spent a week playing mobile only and this is what I have discovered.

Within the video game industry, the Smartphone is the platform with the largest active player base, the system with better access to new players, and one of the main reasons that the video game is the entertainment industry that currently moves the most benefits. However, both critics and a large part of the population of players outside the platform focus their attention on the traditional desktop video game, totally monopolized by traditional systems. It seems that one of the most important parts – by gross numbers – of the video game industry fails to attract the attention of its audience; a situation that can lead more than one to scratch their heads to wonder why. Can the current mobile market really not offer anything of interest to the traditional gamer?

I consider myself a player in this traditional group. My usual gaming platform is the PC, I have the consoles of this generation that I need and I constantly consume video games. Being clear about my profile , I have embarked on a small adventure with the Smartphone as the only companion in order to check in my own flesh if these questions are legal, or a product of past bad practices and lack of perspective. I’m going to tell you what conclusions I have been able to draw from my exclusive game week on Smartphone.

Everything you need to start playing

Once I disconnected my consoles and started using my laptop – already in years old – as a work tool to avoid temptations, the only missing piece to embark on this journey was a Smartphone. This time I have been able to count on the help of a Huawei P20 Pro (2018) as an Android Smartphone and an iPhone XS (2018) on iOS. Both are high-end models of their year, and they remain relatively healthy in terms of power and specifications compared to current standards; especially the Apple model, for its A12 Bionic processor. I also consider it important to say that my usual device is the iPhone XS, while the Huawei P20 Pro is a repo, so I have played more on the bitten Apple device than on its Chinese companion.

In any case, in the simple task of choosing which device to play with, we came across the first great advantage of the platform, as well as one of the keys to its success; And it is that practically all of us have one of these devices with us, we do not need to buy anything in order to start playing on a Smartphone, since this is an everyday accessory in our day-to-day life.

Any of the more than 3.5 billion smartphone users are potential players for the titles published on the platform; some numbers that have served him to get in a short time a good base of developers and complete studios willing to work on it. The result of this has been the flowering of a varied and numerous catalog, very numerous. According to Statista, at least 346,664 of the applications published in the Google Play Store are video games or are directly related to them.

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