Let’s talk about quality

Let’s talk about quality

In general, on a personal basis, I am against using ‘Destiny 2’ as a sample to measure Stadia’s performance, since it is a game whose resolution and quality is reduced as standard. However, this time it is worth it, since we are running the same game on two different platforms and, in addition, in both cases it is free to play . It is the only way to compare the performance directly, although as we said, it will depend on the game.

The videos have been edited to eliminate the black bands that appear on the sides of the screen, since neither of the two services is compatible with ultrawide monitors like the one I use, but otherwise, the video is raw, as as it has been recorded. To play, I used my personal computer, the specifications of which do not matter because in streaming video games the important thing is the connection. This is 94.76 Mbps downstream, 60.95 Mbps upstream, and 16 ms ping (Ethernet connection). Control, in both cases, has been with keyboard and mouse.

What are the conclusions we can draw from having tested NVIDIA GeForce Now and Google Stadia? That NVIDIA GeForce Now offers better graphics performance . This can be seen at a glance in the details of the weapons and the scenarios, which are more defined than in Google Stadia. Details such as grass, weapon designs, and further afield are more polished in NVIDIA GeForce Now, though that doesn’t mean we’re not showing we’re streaming.

In both cases, more in Google Stadia than in GeForce Now, it can be seen that the texts are not as sharp as they are when we run the game locally, since we cannot forget that here we are not receiving a stream of frames processed by the card graphic, but a compressed video whose origin is a server located in another part of the world. But the Caesar what is the Caesar, the NVIDIA service offers better graphics performance. Here are some comparisons.

And what could this be due to? Mainly, because in Google Stadia the games are a version of said game compatible with Google Stadia , so depending on each game it runs at one quality or another. Simple examples: ‘Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey’ can run in 4K at 30 FPS maximum, while ‘Destiny 2’ stays in FullHD at 60 FPS. In NVIDIA GeForce Now we are using the PC version of a game , so there are no such limitations. In fact, within games we can change the resolution of the textures, something that in Stadia is not possible. In other words, in Google Stadia you access what is known as a game port (like a game that is on PC and consoles), while in GeForce Now we are using the PC version. That explains the differences in graphic quality. However, in no case have we encountered lag of any kind . Both systems offer good latency that makes it imperceptible to notice that we are playing streaming.

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