Two different approaches

That said, the approach of both services is still interesting. Google Stadia, at least for now, requires paying a subscription to play, in addition to the game , which you can only play on Google Stadia. NVIDIA GeForce Now, meanwhile, has a free service with a limitation: one hour of gameplay. That, for long sessions, can be inconvenient, since you […]

We have tested NVIDIA GeForce Now and Google Stadia: these are your assets to conquer the game in streaming

It has been done to pray, but NVIDIA GeForce Now, which has been in beta since 2013, has grown and is finally available to everyone. NVIDIA’s new video game streaming service comes with a slightly different approach than what we might consider its most direct rival, Google Stadia, so to see how each of them performs and what it offers […]

Let’s talk about quality

In general, on a personal basis, I am against using ‘Destiny 2’ as a sample to measure Stadia’s performance, since it is a game whose resolution and quality is reduced as standard. However, this time it is worth it, since we are running the same game on two different platforms and, in addition, in both cases it is free to […]