Service models designed for gamers

Service models designed for gamers

The multiplayer game, the adaptations of functional titles on the platform, and the competitive or semi-competitive experiences have served the Smartphone to gain a gap between certain sectors; but to appeal directly to the traditional player, experiences closer to the production levels of other systems are needed. Within the Smartphone we have been able to see this, mainly, through indie titles that bet on the platform’s format. Games like Florence, Alto’s Adventure, The Room, or Gorogoa are examples that come to mind as I write these lines.

For a few years to the present, it has stopped being temporary conversions made to quickly reach a populated platform; but of games with the tactile format and the immediacy of the device as priorities when establishing its rules. As a result, we have had the opportunity to see remastering of classic titles that do adapt well to the format, or that have received consequential changes to do so; as is the case with The World Ends With You Remastered , or the original Sonic titles adapted by Christian Whitehead – main responsible for Sonic Mania – as two prominent examples.

I have been overwhelmed by the quality of service and the growing library of interesting games

However, the astounding thing for me this week has been the subscriptions proposed by Apple and Google – Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass – for their respective systems. It is a proposal with real value, consistent with its price, its offer and the peculiarities of the platform; that make playing on Smartphone as an alternative platform a genuinely valid option from day one, and that has served to satisfy my desire to play during this week of abstinence in spades; to the point of returning to games like Oceanhorn 2 once this little self-imposed penance has passed. These services also bring up an important concept to attract gamer audiences to your platform: exclusive titles. Many of the works, especially in the bitten apple systems, that are enabled through its game services can only be enjoyed from there; while many others, although they have appeared in other systems, have a clear predilection for the Smartphone format.

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