Step by Step

Step by Step

There are developers and a multitude of titles to choose from, and the platform being easily accessible, it is necessary to ask what happens so that the traditional player is not attracted to these game systems. For me, before this week, the reasons have to do with the target audience, the expectations of traditional players, and the lack of experience on the platform for both creators and consumers.

Until recently, the traditional player did not find attractive proposals on Smartphone

Even despite the numbers with which we closed the previous section, it is important to bear in mind that the Smartphone as a gaming platform has little use, especially if we compare it with its sisters. The first successful titles for Smartphone capitalized on the immediacy of the game on the platform. These video games were light titles, designed for a quick game, which were far from the productions we saw on other platforms; including portable consoles, with relatively similar characteristics in terms of gaming situations. The low power of these first smartphones was also a determining factor in shaping the productions for Smartphone.

On the other hand, the attempts to bring more conventional titles never finished curdling during the first years of the platform. The absence of physical controls, the inability to adapt to the game’s rhythms of the platform, and the price policies were setbacks that were too forceful for their proliferation. The footprint these problems left behind is still visible in the sheer number of traditional title releases that were once released and are no longer available for purchase or download.

However, as studies have been gaining experience on the platform, and systems gaining in power, video games for Smartphone have been acquiring greater complexity and popularity, expanding their format and reaching even more audiences. The adaptation of competitive multiplayer formats has had a lot to do with it; getting to form active communities around these works and demonstrating the ability of the platform to offer titles that generate interest. Much of my experience prior to this week on the platform comes from these kinds of titles. Works like Clash Royale have served to keep me hooked on the small screen of my phone more times than I would like to admit; While mobile versions of titles of this type – Hearthstone comes to mind – have also served as an excuse to play a few games away from my team and my home.

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