The pieces of success

The pieces of success

Another important factor in the positivity of my experience during my gaming week has been the current hardware of the modern Smartphone; which I think combats relatively effectively some problems that I attributed to the platform in one of my earlier written reflections on the platform.

Seeing launches of the same series of Smartphones from one year to the next is the norm, a formula that has served them to adapt fluently to the needs of their users, and that has enabled them to introduce specialized models aimed at the needs of their users. of a specific audience. It is normal to find models that are advertised as focused on productivity, or the consumption of specific content, or hobbies such as video games.

The Modern Smartphone Is An Advanced Gaming Platform To Dump On

About these models we dedicated a text some time ago , where we exposed some characteristics that we considered key for the creation of a Smartphone to play; But since we wrote it, it has rained a lot, and the mobile market has managed to redirect itself to also appeal to the gamer public through easily usable features for video games published on the platform.

The modern Smartphone, although still with ample room for improvement, has been able to advance thanks to its constant reviews. It is now a much more advanced platform than ten years ago, and allows more complex video games to be accommodated; many of them endogenous to the platform itself.

Vindicating the game on mobile

After this week, I think I can easily state that the modern Smartphone is a mature gaming system, which has the ability to deliver engaging gaming experiences from a unique perspective in the middle.; especially after the near disappearance of the portable format – with Switch as the only reminiscent of it – in today’s market. Both the services, and many of the individual titles that we see on the platform have acquired an awareness of the tropes and forms that work with ease in their system that a few years ago only a few titles could boast of treasuring; And, although there is still much lower title that remains from the final experience of use on the platform, its appearance and scope is much less remarkable than in the past, especially when what we are looking for are works with some substance.

Glad to find out I have one more console in my pocket

I would rate my experience this week as positive, and I invite others to try to give that camouflaged game console in their pockets a try; even more so with proposals such as xCloud for Xbox and other additional gaming services ready to go out to the public. Perhaps for many readers, that I share these experiences and conclusions is inconsequential; Either because they were already aware of the state of these systems, or because they do not have the need to satisfy their curiosity about what the world of video games has to offer them within the Smartphone. It is not my case , and I am very glad I was involved in this little experiment.

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