Springfield MO Municipal Court is the second largest court in the state of Missouri and one of the busiest courts in the United States. It is located on 12th and Ash Streets within Springfield, being part of ten (10) courts that make up a regional complex. The court localizes cases from Lawrence, Dallas, Jackson, Jefferson City and points south as well as St. Louis County, the state capitol of Jefferson City and all surrounding areas. The court is responsible for the justice administration in many surrounding cities including: Branson, Neosho, Chillicothe, Forsyth, Marthasville and Buffalo.

There are 5 court levels within Municipal Court; Appeals (appeal), Prevention, Traffic and Felony. The court maintains a regular schedule year round to accommodate its citizens’ needs. The court is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., with limited evening hours (6 p.m. – 10 p.m.) on Thursday and Friday nights and Saturday’s from 9 a.m.- 5 p.m., excluding holidays

The Municipal Judge is the chief adjudicator in any case brought before his/her court, issuing various decisions on the outcome of these cases following the law as written within the state of Missouri statutes

What are the roles of the Municipal Court?

There are seven roles of a Municipal Court Judge which are listed below;

  1. The court enforces the law in all cases of prosecution including misdemeanor and felony investigations. The court’s authority complies with the local state statutes, federal laws and the Constitution of the United States. In all states, each city has its own municipal government that was established by its own charter. This is also true for Missouri where each city has a set form of how it governs its cities and its citizens such as Springfield MO Municipal Court.
  2. Municipal court judges are elected in the same manner as members of state legislature and judicial positions. Judges need to be certified by the Missouri Supreme Court before being elected. This ensures that the judge meets with basic legal requirements for sitting as a judge and for being qualified to exercise power as its head at all times.
  3. The Judge has to have knowledge of the laws in their jurisdiction and how they are enforced, making decisions in each case according to their interpretation of law within the state’s statutes
  4. The judge is the chief prosecutor in any case he/she decides. The judge is also the chief executive for the city and other county agencies that are involved within the court’s jurisdiction. The judge presides over all cases and hearings of his/her court and renders decisions based on the Missouri state statutes, statutes within local cities’ charters and case law that has been proven to be fair by precedent or by court precedence.
  5. The Municipal Court Judge is the head administrator for the city. The judge is responsible for hiring and terminating city employees, managing and overseeing courthouse property, court staff and other administrative duties.
  6. The judge is a member of many committees that are important to their jurisdiction, such as the Board of Appeals, Board of Review and the Cities Counsel among others. These committees help to assist the members within their jurisdiction in making decisions on community issues
  7. The judge is an elected representative of their jurisdiction. The elected judge must fulfill all the responsibilities of the office, having to perform a public service to his/her community and citizens


The Municipal Court of Springfield, Missouri is an important part of the state’s judicial system and has a long history of court cases through time.


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