Two different approaches

Two different approaches

That said, the approach of both services is still interesting. Google Stadia, at least for now, requires paying a subscription to play, in addition to the game , which you can only play on Google Stadia. NVIDIA GeForce Now, meanwhile, has a free service with a limitation: one hour of gameplay. That, for long sessions, can be inconvenient, since you will have to be leaving and re-entering all the time. The limitation is still present in the subscription of 5.49 euros, only that it is extended to six hours.

Since the NVIDIA GeForce Now you can play the games that we already have purchased on other platforms such as Steam or the Epic Games Store, it may be more interesting for users who have many games purchased and simply want to run them in the cloud because in their equipment cannot do it at 60 frames per second and at the highest quality. That is where the most positive point of NVIDIA GeForce Now lies, in that it is a bet for the future.

On Google Stadia, the games you buy are exclusively for Google Stadia . You cannot take it to another platform. Either on Stadia or anywhere. On NVIDIA GeForce Now, the games are yours. If you have them on Steam or Epic Games, you can play them in the highest quality on the streaming service as long as they are compatible) and, if for whatever reason, you upgrade your computer and add a more powerful graphics card, you can play them locally.

In addition, and always bearing in mind that Google Stadia is, as it says, starting, NVIDIA GeForce Now is more versatile . It is available for any Android mobile with Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher and 2 GB of RAM or more, on Mac, on Windows and, if you have an NVIDIA Shield, on TV. Google Stadia, meanwhile, is available only on Pixel mobiles, any PC with Chrome and on any television with a Chromecast 4K and the Stadia controller. They are different approaches, but today the NVIDIA service offers somewhat more interesting options for those who already have a library of games in compatible stores. For those who are beginning to play, however, Stadia is an alternative that will especially win integers when its platform support is broader and has free mode.

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